Valéria Dienes Memorial Room – Szekszárd

Valéria Dienes Memorial Room

From Szekszárd’s main square a short walk brings you to a bend in the Séd brook and the place where the poet Mihály Babits was born – today the Babits Memorial House. Constructed in Louis XVI style around 1780, the building retains its original appearance. In the mid 1850s József Kelemen, Babits’s grandfather, purchased the property, which remained in the family’s possession for nearly a century before it was taken over by the state in 1952. The first exhibition opened on the ground floor in 1967. In 1983, marking the centenary of Babits’s birth, the entire building was declared a museum. The Valéria Dienes Memorial Room was established as part of the museum in 2001.


Valéria Dienes

Valéria Dienes (née Geiger) was born in Szekszárd on 25 May 1879. She was among the first five Hungarian women to enter the Péter Pázmány University in Budapest, where she graduated in mathematics and physics. She also attended the Academy of Music, studying piano and composition. She gained her doctorate in philosophy, mathematics and aesthetics. Her joint writings with her husband, the mathematician Pál Dienes, were published in both Hungarian and French specialist publications. While spending time in Paris she was greatly influenced by Henri Bergson, whose works she translated into Hungarian and she also wrote a study about him entitled Bergson’s Psychology. Her Bergson translations represented a renewal of Hungarian philosophical language, raising it to the level of literature.

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